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mushroom spores uk

The fungi produce tiny, airborne spores that are spread through the environment during warm and humid weather. Most spores are microscopic, but some such as the honey fungus (Armillaria mellea) and the Mushroom Buddies species Psilocybe semilanceata have large spores that can be blown into the air and can trigger allergies. These spores may be more potent than their smaller counterparts and can cause psychological distress in some people.

Cultivating magic mushrooms and their spores is illegal in many places, and if you order spores from a vendor located outside the UK, it’s very likely that border officials will intercept your package. This is because if they find the package contains psilocybin-producing mushrooms or anything with detectable psilocybin, it’s considered to be a narcotic and could get you arrested.

The Importance of Spore Prints: How to Make and Use Them in the UK

Spores are a great way to start your own mushroom cultivation cycle and there are lots of reputable vendors online, including Ralphsters (Canada & US) and Viking Spores. Some of the best spore vendors are also B-corporations and donate some profits to psychedelic research centers.

Spores are emitted during rain and can often be triggered by the presence of nearby crops such as oilseed rape, where one of their major hosts grows. They’re a very low risk in winter then rise through February and March, peaking in April/May. They then drop off to low levels again in September and October, but will be higher during wet weather or if it’s still warm.

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