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InDemand Designer Collabs

From Gucci x The North Face to Dior x Nike and Louis Vuitton x Supreme, brand collaborations have long been the go-to way for luxury fashion brands to boost their profile with pop culture sensations. These limited-edition collections bring in new customers, while also generating buzz and sales for both the designer and the retailer involved.

The collaborations that ring true, however, are those that align with brand values and resonate with consumers. Whether it’s the sellout hook-ups H&M orchestrates with high fashion names like Karl Lagerfeld and Jimmy Choo, or the merch drops of K-pop supergroup BTS that see their websites crash and social media feeds explode, successful designer-retailer partnerships are built on genuine affinity and respect.

From Nature to Nose: A Journey Through the Fragrance World”

The best designer collabs are those that push boundaries and challenge our perceptions of the fashion world. From Virgil Abloh elevating standard IKEA items to desirable pieces that are now worth thousands of dollars on the secondary market, to Hiroshi Fujiwara turning the classic Clarks Desert Nomad into a trendy mule crafted from ethically sourced sciarada suede (with a lower environmental footprint than traditional leather), these collaborations capture the spirit of the times.

Similarly, the collaboration between Derek Lam’s eponymous label and Roxy, which features a range of itsy bitsy bikinis and relaxed cover ups that are priced for every body type, is both stylish and accessible. And with prices ranging from $36 to $88, it’s easy to see why the collection has already sold out online.

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