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The Defender combines the legendary rugged appeal of Land Rover with the latest technologies and personalization options to help you create your ideal off-road adventure.

Do defenders have AC?

The ecd automotive design Custom Defender features three dynamic powertrain choices, proven off-road characteristics, and groundbreaking innovations to start a new era of the iconic vehicle’s legendary story. A range of bespoke interior design cues also combine the Land Rover rugged attitude with luxury comfort to help you make each journey more memorable than ever before.

Xmodels are the most off-road-oriented personality in the Defender lineup, and they come standard with an advanced Terrain Response system that allows you to fine-tune your settings for any terrain or condition. The X model also includes a variety of appearance upgrades that add Windsor leather and heated rear seats to the interior.

Overfinch produces a slew of a la carte upgrades for pretty much every Land Rover. And Orlando-based Safari HP does everything from frame-up cumplete custom rebuilds to impeccably made custom Defenders that are powered by both GM V8s and electric motors.

E.C.D specializes in building the Defender of your dreams with live axles at each end and coil springs to hold them in. The company scours the U.K. for old Defenders that are import-eligible, and it works with its design concierge team to ensure you get your dream truck.

The EV Defender can sprint to 60 mph in 5.5 seconds, and its instant torque means it doesn’t feel like you’re trying to take off like an original Defender. The ride is calm and composed, and the regenerative braking system is well-tuned to slow the vehicle in a linear fashion as you lift off of the throttle pedal.

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