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There are numerous communication devices that help people of all ages express themselves. Some are high tech while others are as simple as a flashlight that can be used to communicate in morse code. For children with special needs, these devices provide a window to the world outside their own. In addition to helping others communicate, communication devices can also be utilized for entertainment, work and other purposes.

What walkie-talkie has 12 km range?

A computer system (or set of computer programs) used for tracking, storing, and transmitting electronic documents or images. A common example is a modem (from modulator/demodulator). The device modulates digital signals into analog signal for transmission over standard telephone networks, and demodulates the analog back into a digital data stream that the computer saves as information.

The term is most commonly applied to electronic devices, such as computers and mobile phones. These are used to connect and exchange information between people, but they are also widely used in other types of hardware such as cameras, televisions, automobiles and medical equipment.

Other examples of communication devices include:

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