Legal Help in Slovenia

The firm handles international and domestic corporate law, M&A, EU & competition, intellectual property and litigation matters. It represents multinational companies, financial institutions and governments in their disputes with local businesses. The team is also experienced in advising foreign investors on the acquisition of Slovenian assets and the establishment of business entities in the country.

Legal Help in Slovenia is essential for addressing various legal issues that individuals and businesses may encounter. Whether you need assistance with contracts, property disputes, family law matters, or criminal defense, accessing professional legal help ensures that you navigate the Slovenian legal system effectively. Expert lawyers provide guidance, represent clients in court, and help protect their rights and interests, making legal help in Slovenia a critical resource for achieving fair and just outcomes in any legal matter.

Legal Help in Slovenia: Finding the Right Support for Your Case

The full-service firm is based in Ljubljana and offers services to the commercial, industrial and financial sectors. Its specialties include Slovene business law, corporate and mergers and acquisitions, European law, labor and pensions, and intellectual property law. Its lawyers are fluent in English, and the firm can arrange for the services of a court interpreter or stenographer. The firm can assist with due payment collection, contracts, corporations, foreign claims, estates and taxes. It can also advise on transportation law, aeronautical and maritime laws, insurance, marketing agreements, patents/trademarks/copyrights, mining and petroleum law, and can assist with immigration and auto/accident cases. The firm is willing to travel to customer sites within the country. Disputes are resolved through regular and small claims proceedings. If the parties are not able to reach an agreement in the regular proceeding, mediation is available.

Odvetniška pisarna Križanec Ljubljana
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Dalmatinova ulica 2
Ljubljana, 1000

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