Mega Patches – Stop Pimples in Their Tracks


A deluxe version of our best-selling patches to stop pimples in their tracks. We’ve paired hydrocolloid with pore-clearing salicylic acid and calming centella asiatica to shrink, flatten, and clear acne in as little as 6 hours. And we’ve added a special layer of dissolvable micro-darts to target breakouts in their earliest stage of development. The patch’s painless spikes create tiny channels in the skin that deliver blemish-fighting ingredients directly to the source without damaging the delicate surrounding area.Learn more:

Our bestselling Hydro-Stars are the ultimate celebrity favorite. Justin Bieber, Millie Bobby Brown, Florence Pugh, and Euphoria’s Chloe Cherry all use them to treat breakouts on the go. These star-shaped patches absorb excess oil and protect the skin from pollution, germs, and irritants that can worsen the state of your pimple.

Size Matters: Making a Statement with Oversized Mega Patches

Unlike oral supplements that lose potency during digestion and can cause digestive distress, our patches are slow-release and offer direct topical delivery into the bloodstream bypassing the gut and liver. The result is a higher concentration of nutrients that is faster absorbed and more effective than pills.

This mega kit comes with 96 power patches. When you see a blemish on the horizon, clean the affected area and dry to prep for placement. The patch will cling to the skin and change color as it draws out impurities (pus, oil, and debris). Clove oil acts as a calming agent while salicylic acid penetrates beneath the surface to fight bacteria and dissolve sebum.