How to Make Your Beer Bottle Labels Stand Out on Shelf

beer bottle labels

As breweries have gotten more and more creative with their beers, their labels have become more colorful and expressive. A well-designed label will grab the attention of beer drinkers and help your beer stand out on shelves. In addition to looking great, your beer bottle labels must comply with the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) regulations. They must contain specific information in order to ensure quality assurance and product traceability.

The TTB requires that the official name of the malt beverage appear on the front of the label in legible fonts and on a contrasting background. It is also important to note that the brand name cannot describe the age, identity, or origin of your alcoholic beverage. The other information that must be included is the type of beer, the brew date, and the alcohol by volume.

Decoding Beer Bottle Labels: What Every Beer Enthusiast Should Know

To make your beer labels really pop, consider using bold inks to catch the eye of consumers. Additionally, textural features, such as embossing and stamping, can give your beer bottles an exclusive feel. You can even use QR codes to take your beer drinkers to your brewery’s website or social media channels.

When printing your beer labels, be sure to choose a durable material to prevent damage from water and condensation. A popular choice is white BOPP, which offers superior graphic quality and stiffness. It’s available with a matte or gloss laminate for added protection. Alternatively, you can use clear or silver BOPP to add visual flair.