Purple Chitral – Relaxation At Its Best

purple chitral

The purple strains have a special place in the cannabis scene. They are usually indicas that are able to relax smokers and offer them an alternative to stimulating sativas. They are the perfect choice for those who want to chill out at night and listen to music or play a game but don’t want the agitation that comes with sativas.

Purple chitral are among the most demanded on the market, maybe because of their hypnotic colors but also because they generally produce better aromas and more intense flavors than green ones. The coloration of purple strains is a result of the presence of molecules called anthocyanins that reflect violet frequencies of visible light. They can be found in many other plants as well, like eggplants or plums.

Purple Chitral: Unveiling the Allure of a Distinctive Cannabis Strain

ACE Seeds’ Pakistan Chitral Kush (PCCK) is an excellent pure kush line that has been selected and reproduced since the mid-90’s by Charlie Garcia(cannabiogen). It is very adaptable and it produces two very colorful phenotypes. The green phenotype has a good production of resin and a potent effect that helps to relax, but it can also induce a state of euphoria. The colorful phenotype has a very strong aroma of berries and hash and is appreciated for its advanced resin production, making it a great hash plant.

Woodstock Purple Chitral is an indica-dominant cultivar with a medium THC potency. It has a robust terpene mix with myrcene, alpha- and beta-pinene, and guaiol. It grows fast and has a short internodal distance with well developed branches.