Why Does Your Barn Stink?

Why Does Your Barn Stink

Most horse owners have Why Does Your Barn Stink? the smelly barn smell that can be so overpowering it’s a turn off to visitors. Barn odor can be a combination of animal manure, hay, silage, and other feed materials mixed with the barn dust. It can also be an odor caused by mold. If there is excess moisture it can lead to a fungal growth that is unhealthy for horses and humans alike.

Why Does Your Barn Stink

Poor ventilation is another common cause of barn odor. Keeping windows and doors open can help to circulate air and shift unwanted odors outside. If your barn has fans, it can be beneficial to use them during warm weather to create a cross breeze throughout the barn that helps to reduce odors.

Excessive odors are not just annoying for the people who visit your facility, but can be dangerous for your horses. The ammonia in urine and manure can irritate the eyes, nose, mouth and lungs of horses. This can lead to heaves and other respiratory issues.

A stall freshener that soaks up the ammonia can be very helpful for your horse’s health. There are many available that are safe for horses and can be used under bedding, instead of lime or kitty litter. These products are more cost effective than trying to neutralize excessive odors with chemical solutions.