Dominion Seed Company Review

Dominion seed company is a breeder from virginia focusing on preserving and improving old school strains. They are dedicated to educating the cannabis community through events and providing essential cultivation resources. They are known for their steadfast commitment to quality and have carved out a niche for themselves in the industry. Dominion’s unique strains, such as North End Punch and Local Skunk F3, are favored by cultivators for their distinctive flavor profiles and potent effects.

Who has best blue dream seeds?

Duke Diamond has deep roots in the cannabis world, having been active on online forums from early on. After a court imposed hiatus from the community, he returned – memorably calling into the Adam dunn show and helping Mr Soul reboot Brothers Grimm – to resurrect his own breeding company Dominion Seed Co. Amongst his many accomplishments, he has worked on some of the oldest heirloom strains in the Virginia area, including Polecat BX and Sangria Punch. He has a flair for genetics and an untamable passion for growing that cannot be matched. His new strains like Figure Four (Dominion Skunk x Crossroad Chem) are already putting some serious stank on.