How to Choose a Cutaway Collar for a Custom Shirt

dress shirt cutaway collar

Choosing the right dress shirt cutaway collar is an important part of dressing well. There are a wide variety of styles, including the point collar which is narrow and suitable for smaller tie knots, and the spread collar which is wider and more flattering for those with longer faces.

Cutaway Collar Custom Shirts

This is a modern variation of the traditional shirt collar, ideal for men with long faces and thinner frames. Its wider points can be used to highlight the torso, creating a clean silhouette that pairs perfectly with a tie.

It can also be worn with a necktie, but it is essential to choose a large knot such as the Windsor tie knot in order to avoid showing the tie’s body and the collar’s points. The cutaway collar can be found on shirts by Emma Willis, New & Lingwood and Turnbull & Asser among others.

The Sleek and Sharp Look of Dress Shirts with Cutaway Collars: A Comprehensive Guide

Generally speaking, the most formal shirts will have buttons made from mother-of-pearl or bone and in a white or beige color. The more casual versions of dress shirts may use plastic or synthetic buttons.


Whether you’re ordering a custom dress shirt or an off-the-rack one, it is vital to measure your arm length and neck size. Using these measurements, you can ensure that the shirt you order will fit you properly.

It is also a good idea to check the shirt’s button holes and stitching. A shirt that looks loose or has stitches coming undone will not look or feel right.