How a Medical License Defense Lawyer Can Protect Your Professional Reputation

A medical license defense lawyer can protect your professional reputation, career and financial stability if you are accused of violating any standards of conduct that the Indiana Code prescribes for medical professionals. These include committing an immoral act, performing care while intoxicated, and providing unprofessional or unethical care.

If you are under investigation, it is essential that you retain an attorney as soon as possible. An experienced lawyer will develop a thoughtful and robust response to the complaint lodged against you, minimizing the damage it causes to your reputation as a professional.

Administrative Complaint and Investigation

In the event that the Board investigates a complaint, it will provide you with a Notice of Complaint detailing the allegations against you. The Board may also issue a questionnaire that asks for additional information about the allegations.

The Cost of Hiring a Medical License Defense Lawyer: Understanding the Fees

The investigator will attempt to access a variety of documents that might relate to your case, including police reports, employee files, and medical records. This can result in the issuance of subpoenas and additional interviews with you and your witnesses.

Formal Hearings & Discovery

The next step in the investigation process is a formal hearing. This is usually held before an Administrative Law Judge.

A hearing examiner will review the evidence and make a recommendation regarding disciplinary actions to the Board. The Board has a wide range of options for its disciplinary action, including a written warning on the light end and revocation of your license on the harsh end.

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