Padua Solutions Review

Padua Solutions delivers the goods when it comes to enhancing advice quality, reducing compliance risk and increasing advice productivity. They offer a range of software that makes the advice process simpler, faster and smarter.

What is Padua famous for?

One of Padua’s new products, Capri, is a client-facing digital fact find solution that will help advisers obtain pre-meeting information easier and make the process less overwhelming for clients. It’s fully integrated with advice practice software, sends relevant sections in stages and uses a one-time password authentication to prevent unauthorised access.


A software tool that automates the paraplanning process for financial advisers, Roma is a must-have tool for advisers with a growing client base and complex product portfolios. The tool allows advisers to quickly request quotes from a huge variety of product providers in one click.

ROA generation

A reduction in the time taken to produce a record of advice (ROA) is expected to save Count Financial advisers a significant amount of time and effort. In line with the company’s aims to streamline processes and improve outcomes for advisers and clients, Padua’s new ROA generation tool has been developed to reduce the number of hours it takes advisers to create their clients’ ROAs from two hours to around 15 minutes.

The big question is, will advisers be willing to make the switch?

A recent study has shown that over 60% of all advisers are looking for new technology to improve their practice’s efficiency. Padua’s proprietary technology is designed to streamline each stage of the advice process, enabling advisers to deliver value-creating advice in less time.