Master of Nursing Degrees in Australia

Getting a Master of Nursing degree in Australia opens up a wealth of opportunities to international students. Students can work in any country of the world with an Australian nursing degree. They can also pursue a PhD or Doctorate in Nursing (PhD). The healthcare industry is one of the fastest growing sectors worldwide and there is a high demand for trained nursing staff.

What are the requirements to study Masters of Nursing in Australia?

Applicants need to demonstrate a sound command of the English language. They also need to have a tertiary level of knowledge in human anatomy. They also need to have at least three years of work experience. Some universities require applicants to undergo a test or interview. Applicants should also have validated transcripts.

The University of Melbourne has a post-graduate nursing program that lasts one to two years. Its curriculum focuses on a variety of contemporary health problems, such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease. It also emphasizes National Health Priority Areas and mental health. Students also participate in supervised placements in health care organisations.

Students also undertake a minor thesis under the supervision of expert nursing professionals. This allows students to build on their existing knowledge and develop enhanced skills in health research. They can focus on a research pathway or a clinically-focused pathway.

The University of Melbourne’s post-graduate nursing program is designed to prepare future nurses to meet the demands of the industry. Its courses include prevention of injuries, control of asthma and cancer. It also involves coursework in Palliative Care Nursing, Nursing Bioscience and Mental Health Practice.